Are We Screwed?

Finally! Something that affects us reds, blues and purples the same way. What do we ALL think about this? (And if you think you know what this article is going to say, give it a try anyway please) “Trump Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself” Psychometrics and the (counter) revolution in marketing that is helping bring fascism to power around the world. “Cambridge Analytica also uses surveys on social media in order to gain access to the powerful predictive personal information wrapped up in the Facebook likes of users. And Cambridge Analytica is doing precisely what Kosinski had warned about. “We have profiled the personality of every adult in the United States of America—220 million people…”

This is Black Mirror stuff..almost.  We can’t put this genie back in the bottle.  We are not private citizens anymore.  And soon we will completely lose our innocence as all our “clicks” will be bought, sold and used to nudge/manipulate/blackmail us if necessary depending on what we have to offer to the perpetrator.  Steve Bannon sits at the right hand of the trump regime and on the board of Analytica.  He is now poised as the true Minister of Information and has each one of us in his data base tagged as one of 33 personality types base on Analyticas O.C.E.A.N. model.  The question is what do we do about this?

I don’t have a great answer.  But I can imagine a world where kindergarteners and kids in grades K1-12 are explained the nature of human beings and the biological limitations of the human sense making.  In doing so, we might ruin the long run of magicians as entertainers in our lives but we would gain a needed perspective about how our minds and bodies are manipulated every hour of our lives.  This awareness could lead to resistance to the Bannons and Goebbels of the world now and into the future – and it’s about time we disrupt the repeating pattern of despotism through thought and emotional manipulation.  It might also help us as citizens become more humble, empathetic and responsible critical thinkers because we would understand better how what we think and feel are often out of step with the natural world about us.

That is a possible long-term strategy for overcoming the human nature of the power hungry to dominate the rest of us but in the mean time, we simply need to get the word out on this article with a few basic statements about how we are all subject to this kind of duping no matter how smart you are.  I just don’t think pulling back from social media or covering our tracks digitally is going to be possible at this point.  We are just too far downstream already…

Author: boilingfrogmedia

My early roots are still embedded in a red state landscape but my branches now reach out into blue state skies.

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