Behind the Headlines

High CastleWe have a saying in the military that generally goes like this: “amateurs talk tactics and strategy; pros talk logistics”. In this short video, we get a glimpse beyond the headlines of the tactics of white hate to the logistics that serves as its lifeblood. I learned a few things in this. Forget kneeling at football games…that’s so yesterday…time to start a counter insurgency against what I would call these non-citizens. Give me a Syrian refugee in a one for one swap any day of the week. Call me a social justice warrior if you want but this is more than free speech. This is a counter culture movement bordering on terrorism inspired from the top – and I mean THE TOP.

AJ Digs Behind the Headlines

Author: boilingfrogmedia

My early roots are still embedded in a red state landscape but my branches now reach out into blue state skies.

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