Distraction, Distraction, Distraction

Wag the Dog

Can someone tell me why we are provoking NK? What were they doing to anyone outside their own country? If we did nothing to them for the next 100 years tell me, what would happen? It’s not like they have a religion that calls for world dominion like Christianity and Islam. We are no longer worried about “the spread of communism”. I haven’t heard a credible concern that they have any offensive plans in the region. Seems to me they want be left alone. So what is it exactly that would make us willing (even eager with this president) to kill millions of Koreans (north & south) with our weapons? I’ll tell you – narcissism. This is another red meat distraction for another dictator (US this time) looking to stay in power by distracting from his own corruption to something that stirs his base.

Trump Speech to UN – “Totally Destroy NK!”

Author: boilingfrogmedia

My early roots are still embedded in a red state landscape but my branches now reach out into blue state skies.

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