Ok then, let’s go ALL the way back to States Rights!

States Rights

When I see “states rights” as an argument today or criticisms of “faceless bureaucrats in DC” getting in the way of “our freedoms”, I tend to want to know why this comes up on some issues but not others? Let’s play a game. What if a state who supports the GOP plan for health care which is currently all about the individual states doing their own thing (a total of 50 different plans then) also has to give up federal support to: a common currency, subsidies to their farmers, subsidies to infrastructure and schools, national social security, Medicare, or Medicaid for poor and elderly when they turn 65, and definitely no help from FEMA when disasters strikes because that would be “faceless bureaucrats” acting like they know what we need? What if states actually were exactly the way they were as colonies – separate little fiefdoms? I say we try this. On principle, if a state didn’t take the Obama Care subsidies to keep their insurance markets strong for the first 10 years (as explicitly intended and needed to make the whole thing work – and oh by the way, this is what most “red” states did) – then you states should forfeit all other “meddling by the feds” listed above (and there are many more than what I listed including huge subsidies to your oil industries & housing). You get to be a colony again. Won’t that be finally what you all want? Real freedom!

Author: boilingfrogmedia

My early roots are still embedded in a red state landscape but my branches now reach out into blue state skies.

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