Social Darwinism in 2020

Social Darwinism.jpgSocial Darwinism

Are we seeing a kind of social darwinism as a country at work in the GOP health care bill? Let the weak stay weak (or actually die off because that’s the way it is in the animal kingdom) and let the strong stay strong (because that’s nature’s morality at work)? It seems that there is a GOP feeling that the sick got there because of their own decisions – so, they deserve what they get. I say this because A) these kinds of statements have been made by GOP leaders, B) the current bill is taking money from the two programs that benefit the weak the most (poor and elderly) to give to states to cover other things, and C) preexisting conditions WILL NOT be covered because they will be determined freely in 50 ways by 50 states that don’t have enough money on their own and so will be allowed to price the weak out of the market just as before Obama Care. This also fits with the current overarching GOP philosophy of letting the rich get richer, letting capitalism be our prime directive (ie., the ONLY American dream for Republicans – getting rich) for all things (which got us to where we are today in health care – how’d that work out?), also hiring billionaires to control our government policies on all this – people who never were regular folks, and finally alienating all “others” in our society regardless of the content of their characters. I see a pattern. Anyone else? What exactly is the American Dream and who gets access to it these days and in the years going forward?

Author: boilingfrogmedia

My early roots are still embedded in a red state landscape but my branches now reach out into blue state skies.

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