We Must Think!

How many of us actually picked our sub culture, religion, party affiliation, moral values, etc., on our own independent volition from the universe of possibilities rather than inheriting them and then niggling around the edges for the rest of our lives? It is extremely hard not to do this because it requires enormous additional biological energy to pursue novelty and uncertainty to its wisest ends. Ever wonder about the phrase “paying attention”? It means there is a “cost” associated with attending to any situation, especially one of novelty. The cost is energy expended and our biology tells us to conserve energy when possible. To conserve energy our biology has learned to conduct first fit patterning whereby we choose familiar patterns over novel patterns so that we do not have to work on exploration and discovery which requires attention and consumes energy. The problem arises when we rely too much on familiar patterns which can only be based on the past. Many of the patterns we face are new and emergent from a changing world. Therefore we sometimes must expend the energy required to maintain a sense of this changing world and adapt to its requirements. As evolving creatures this is our highest calling. So let’s not fear unfamiliar patterns but see them as grand opportunities for aligning better with the reality forming about us.

Hyper Narcissism


Very important to remember when trump says something he believes is true, countering with facts is not going to matter. What he is saying to us is that he will make his belief into a fact. “Crowds were huge” means he will force the creation of evidence to match his belief. Let me say this again..in another way. When he says something is true he is not telling us truth that exists, he’s telling us his intentions to make it so. Period. This is the result of his disease of hyper narcissism. He must make all this so for him to survive because he lives on this stock of make believe. Without it he ceases to exist. Long ago he learned this and burned it into his DNA to the point where I’m not sure he even knows what he’s doing anymore. Perhaps we should shift from feeling anger to feeling sorry and compassionate for his illness. But this also means he should be impeached immediately for cause. It will drive the country into the abyss of our own narcissistic behaviors of “only us first” at all costs. We need to disrupt this affliction before it seeps further into our system and becomes the new norm as it sadly did for a lonely boy once just called Donald without the “The” in front of it. Please pass this along.

NATO – Yes…Not Maybe.

NATO was triggered essentially once in recent times…to help US after 911! Those countries IMMEDIATELY helped us in our fight against AQ. AND…it takes takes decades of methodical interaction at multiple levels to create the procedures and cultural harmony to bring such an organization about…be careful America about calling for its dismissal. Very bad idea mr. trump but of course, just what your benefactor Putin wants.

Trump’s Ulterior Motive

There is no voter fraud of ANY consequence. Also “Findings show 90% drop in illegal entries in 10 years” which contradicts mr. trump’s most recent statement today “you will never, ever be ignored again” referring to the apparent ineptness of the Obama administration. Really?  Obama already basically stopped southern border crossings and even deported 2 million. So what did the electorate vote for then? What exactly is mr. trump going to do more than this?

Think of it this way.  Voter fraud is real.  If I can convince you of that, then you will agree that we need “tougher” measures for voting next time, yes?!  I thought so..that is what mr. tump wants you to believe about the first so he can get you to go along with the second so he can make voting harder in places where he does poorly so he lock down the 2018 and 2020 electoral cycles.  We don’t need a lie to work on making our electoral system better in many ways. We only need a lie to get us angry enough that we would “do anything” he asks us to do. Think about it carefully America.This wall is the height of folly.

For those already asking in your minds whether I believe in having to provide identification to vote, here’s my answer.This is an issue I can bend on. It makes 100% sense that this should and could be the case. I can’t find one reason for this not to be so. Now the question comes in the implementation. What I am sympathetic to is arguments that human nature has taken a simple issue and turned it into the basest of levels where it should not be. Our desire to make sure “our” side “wins” is a very base level of humanity rooted, however, in our biological need for survival and so is understandable. But what we needed to survive 1000 years ago is different from what we need to survive today. Consequently, I think we can let go of our biologically induced survival instincts just a little (by first recognizing what’s driving us) and open ourselves to being vulnerable and letting all sides speak to find a way forward together. By all means, we should be able to have everyone in the country obtain an ID and do so in a way that 100% have this. But I might argue that we should not enforce overly restrictive voter rules BEFORE this is accomplished. Then it will be equal for all and the issue will be settled with all sides winning and no possibility for politics or our basest natures getting involved.

Trump’s wall is not only not needed but it will play to our basest instincts.  It is not needed, will cost us much more than it will ever be worth and has already upset and embarrassed our third largest trading partner.

Here’s the deal: The “wall” is a trump trope for – “THEY are the reason for your anger and your forgotten, shitty lives” (I’m accurately cribbing here from his campaign and inaugural speeches) and “I alone can fix your shitty lives”. That is what the “wall” is. C’mon America – wake up. You say you don’t want more national government but then you put all your eggs in this national government monster and this wasteful expenditure of “wall money” that will cost waaayyyy more than 25 Billion with decades of upkeep. Try hundreds of billions my friends and you asked for it.

The Manchurian Candidate?

Putin just sacked his #2 intelligence chief of cyber (grabbed publicly with a bag over his head kicking and yelling) and his #1 chief in charge of keeping spies out of their intelligence agencies.  Looks like the #2 was the spy; and the #1 didn’t prevent it from happening. Looks suspicious that the #2 might have been the mole in the Kremlin apparatus giving us the information we needed to confirm Putin’s support to trumps election.  Maybe?  Source: Maddow based on Russia’s Novaya Gazeta newspaper.  And why is trump planning to unilaterally lift all sanctions to Russia for invading Crimea and creating chaos in Ukraine?  What’s changed?  Oh, yes, trump was made POTUS by the Kremlin and now has a debt to repay.  Maybe?  Why are trump’s very closest advisors related closely to Putin’s Russia including the guy who just purged the State Department top civil servants – the soon to be SECSTATE – a fossil fuel mogul like Putin who was also awarded personally by Putin his nation’s highest medal recently?  And why does trump criticize 100% of the rest of our allies and adversaries but compliments both Putin and his country – 100% of the time?  Maybe they installed him as POTUS AND they have a dossier with serious dirt on the decadent lifestyle of the rich and narcissistic.  Maybe?  Stay tuned.

First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

This site is dedicated to keeping an eye on the developing Trump regime and on ways we can use this as an opportunity to reinvent our democracy and reaffirm our reputation as a wise people.

I once had a calling in my earlier age to serve actively in the U.S. armed forces around the globe; but that faded over 20 years into a haze of misguided ventures created by an increasingly ideological national governing structure.  Today, at age 53, a calling has again risen but this time I must answer it from the outside rather than from the inside.  I must embark on this journey because I am convinced that this regime is dedicated to reconstructing America into an oligarchic kleptocracy.  I am further convinced that the problems we face are not just political or cultural, they are even more fundamentally biological. I will explain and explore all these perspectives and more in this blog while attempting to learn and expand my understanding through interactions with you.  I hope we will eventually attract all sides into a coherent and useful dialogue.

Finally, this is the most serious venture of my life – a venture worth giving one’s last full measure of devotion if required.  I for one, don’t want to wake up one day realizing that I had been the frog that failed to see the deceivingly slowly rising temperatures before it was too late.  We will certainly all know that time has come if this post is taken down by the regime and if it is; my first and lasting message will always be to organize non conventionally and fight on as did our forefathers and mothers.  For now, we must simply and persistently put one foot in front of the other to forge a pathway of resistance and renewal through these conversations and subsequently inspired actions.  May we all be guided by our collective wisdom. Thanks to you, whoever you are, for your participation.